Car Mobility Door Support Handle Window Breaker + Assist Grab Strap Set

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BW2109058 Door Handle
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LUPO This 3-in-1 car safety tool provides support for the user entering or exiting a car.  Can also be used as a window breaker.  The additional grab handle is used to assist entry and axit from a rear seat.
RELIABLE AID FOR MOBILITY - The LUPO® Car standing aid is strong and reliable as it is made from forged steel.  It fits simply into the door latch of any car to help the user to sit or stand.  Simply open your door and lock it into place!
COMFORTABLE & SLIP RESISTANT - The LUPO® car standing aid is compatible with most vehicle designs.  Its soft, comfortable, slip resistant handle will make exiting a vehicle easier.                                                                                       
SIMPLE & PORTABLE  - The LUPO® car standing aid kit offers support and protects against falls.  It can easily be stored in the glove box or door pocket.
WINDOW BREAKER - The LUPO® car standing aid can be used with an added safety feature for car emergencies.  Our item can be used as a window breaker if required.
GRAB HANDLE – The LUPO® car kit comes with a very useful addition to use in the car. The user can attach the strong foam handle to the driver or passenger headrest and help manoeuvre into position then using the support handle to exit the car.
The LUPO® Car standing aid kit is perfect for the elderly, injured or anyone who needs help getting in and out of the car.
- Nonslip grip is comfortable to hold.
- Gives you the leverage to lift yourself up.
- Forged steel construction can hold up to a maximum of 150 KG.
- Stores away easily in your door or glove box.
- Gives you a handy grip so you won’t slip on those icy days.
- LUPO® 12 Months warranty.
1 x LUPO® Car standing handle
1 x LUPO® foam support handle
Handle Bar length: 165mm
Handle Bar weight: 155 grams