Clip on Face Visor Shield for Glasses Safety Anti Fog PPE Protection

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Product Overview

Face Visor Shield - Specifically designed to clip onto Glasses - Plastic Mask and Black Clip 
The ConkervisorTM is a ground-breaking, innovative British product certified to BSI's regulations. 
This face shield can be mounted to any glasses frames* that already fit the user’s face (prescription glasses, sunglasses, safety glasses as well as frames without lenses) via two universal clips. 
Healthcare, front line, business, retail, hospitality and domestic users will find this a revolutionary, lightweight and affordable alternative to current head-mounted shields. The ConkervisorTM is functional and practical, designed to be kept on the person either rolled up in a pocket or placed flat in a notepad.
✅ Compatible with people wearing glasses
✅ Anti-fog & anti-microbacterial materials. 100% recyclable materials
✅ Reusable and easy to maintain when washed regularly with washing up liquid (do not use wipes).
✅ CE marked - BSI notified body number 0086. Certified to (EU) 2018/425 and 2020/403
Whats included:
2 x clips
1 x visor
Please remove both films


(No reviews yet) Write a Review