LUPO Universal Waterproof Motorbike Bicycle Mobile Phone Handlebar Holder Mount

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LUPO Waterproof Universal Mount – For Motorcycles and Bicycles, Universal Fit for Smart Phones and GPS Sat Nav Devices, Waterproof Detachable Case, Full Touch Sensitivity
WATERPROOF IP8X UNIVERSAL MOUNT; want a convenient, waterproof bike phone mount, universal holder and carrying lanyard for motorcycles and bicycles? Our Waterproof Mount easily holds your smart phone or GPS device, with an easy angle head and removable waterproof case for durable, outdoor use!
EASY ANGLE HEAD; mounts to motorcycle and bicycle handlebars with a 360 degree, easy angle head and quick 180 degree rotation to quickly switch between portrait and landscape for easy map reading!
WATERPROOF CASE; waterproof, universal holder easily holds modern smart phones and GPS Sat Nav devices, providing a protective, water and dust proof case for protection against rain, spray and debris!
TOUCH SENSITIVE; our durable, waterproof case won’t affect touch sensitivity or distort colours and visuals as with other cases, for full touch operation and clear message and map reading, perfect for pairing with Strava and Map My Ride Apps!
EASILY DETATCHABLE; quick detachable case with convenient carrying lanyard together with a convenient headphone outlet, ideal for uninterrupted music and call handling between journeys! 
Do you cycle or ride a motorbike, and would like easy handlebar access to your GPS Sat Nav or Smart Phone?
Would you like a super protective, water and dust resistant case that provides full touch operation and clear visuals? 
If so, LUPO’s Waterproof Universal Mount is the ideal choice! Designed for motorcycles and cyclists, our Universal Mount easily secures your GPS Sat Nav or smart phone to motorcycle or bicycle handlebars, with a fully adjustable, 360 degree angled head with quick portrait-landscape switching, perfect for use with Strava and Map My Ride apps!
Our Mount is designed with a super durable waterproof universal mounting case, suitable for modern smart phones and GPS Sat Nav devices, providing a secure water and dust resistant enclosure to fully protect your device from rain, spray and debris, while providing full touch functionality without distorting your screen’s colours or visuals, for quick, easy message and GPS map reading! 
Our Waterproof Universal Mount is a super durable, convenient mounting solution with a number of key benefits: 
- Easy handlebar mounting for motorbikes and bicycles. 
- Provides a waterproof, easy read holder for smart phones and GPS devices. 
- Full touch sensitivity for operation on the go without removing the case. 
- 360 degree angled head and quick rotation for landscape and portrait switching. 
- Suitable for virtually all GPS and smart phones including Apple, Samsung, HTC, Nokia, Sony, LG, Huawei and Blackberry devices.
If you’re constantly cycling or on a motorbike, and rather than stopping and checking your GPS Sat Nav or Smart Phone, you would like a universal bike phone mount, waterproof case and convenient handlebar mounting, our Universal Mount is perfect!
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(No reviews yet) Write a Review