About Us





Back in early 2000 I had returned from 6 months travelling to work with my family Ice Cream business.  Whilst working on one of the Ice Cream vans all the kids kept asking me repeatedly to get Pokemon cards in for them.  Their nagging persisted so in an attempt to get them off my back more than anything I decided to buy a box of cards from eBay from the USA.


Unbeknown to me the box contained cards not yet released in the UK.  The kids went crazy for these and word spread fast (think Willy Wonka's golden tickets).  I couldn't buy them fast enough and kids would come from all over the city to buy thousands of packs of cards on my rounds.  It was unbelievable.


Pandora's box had been opened and from there we evolved into selling a wide ranging portfolio of products on online marketplaces.  We decided we needed a brand, so decided on the name LUPO. This is the Italian word for Wolf.  Near where my father was born in Calabria, Southern Italy, wild wolves roam in the mountain woods.  I thought it was a snappy name.


The LUPO brand now has an ever increasing portfolio of products and since we have opened our own webstore many more people have found our 'Simple solutions for Life'.


We hope that we can offer you the best products at great prices, married to good service.


Thanks for visiting.


Julius Oliveti