Bikram Yoga Pilates Towel Microfibre Non Slip

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LUPO Bikram Yoga Towels, 183cm x 63cm, 100% Super Absorbent Microfibre Material, Non-Slip Silicone Dimples, Lightweight and Machine Washable
BIKRAM YOGA TOWELS; forget constantly slipping and sliding when performing Bikram Yoga, our Bikram Yoga Towels are designed for super secure, non-slip use in humid environments, with a non-slip silicone dimples, and extra large, super absorbent surfaces!
SOFT MICROFIBRE MATERIAL; manufactured from premium, ultra soft, super absorbent 100% microfibre material for lightweight, fast drying use as both a convenient towel and comfortable Bikram Yoga mat!
NON SLIP DIMPLES; designed with super high grip, small silicone dots to create a secure, non-slip surface, perfect for use over yoga mats to create a safe, non slip surface for humid environments!
SUPER SIZED; each mat measures a super sized, 183cm x 63cm, perfect for men and women, and rolls for easy carrying without weight or bulk together with a convenient drawstring carrying bag!
GREAT COLOURS; fully machine washable for ultra hygienic, everyday use and available in a range of great colours including blue, orange, pink, green, and light or dark purple! Click the Orange Button to order now!
Do you love Bikram Yoga, and would like a super soft, non-slip towel for use as a secure mat?
Rather than cheap towels, would you like a premium quality, super soft, absorbent microfibre towel? 
If so, Lupo’s Bikram Yoga Towel is the perfect choice for comfortable safe Bikram Yoga! Designed for secure use in humid environments, our Bikram Yoga Towels are manufactured from ultra absorbent, soft, plush microfibre material which can be used as a fast drying soft towel or non-slip yoga mat, with our ultra high-grip, silicone dots, perfect for non-slip use during humid Bikram Yoga Classes!
With an extra large 183cm x 63cm surface, our Bikram Yoga Towels are ideal for men and women, and are fully machine washable for hygienic use, together with a convenient drawstring carrying bag for carrying without bulk!
Our Bikram Yoga Towels are a durable, premium choice with a number of key benefits: 
- 100% soft, highly absorbent microfibre material. 
- Designed for humid environments, with non-slip silicone dimples. 
- Extra large surface measuring 183cm x 63cm.  
- Fully machine washable for hygienic use.
- Available in blue, orange, pink, green, light or dark purple. 
If you’re tired of constantly slipping and sliding during hot yoga classes, and would like a premium quality, super soft, lightweight towel with ultra non-slip dimples for safe, secure Bikram Yoga, our Bikram Yoga Towels are the perfect choice!
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