Blackhead Whitehead Pimple Acne Blemish Comedone Extractor Remover Tool Kit 7Pcs

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Product Overview

LUPO® Blackhead Pimple Acne Blemish Clear Skin Spot Double Ended Tool Kit Facial Remover Extractor
IMPROVES APPEARANCE OF SKIN – The LUPO® Blackhead remover tools quickly extracts blackheads or pimples.  The tools are used in professional facials as they are much less damaging to the skin than squeezing. 
ESSENTIAL BEAUTY TOOL – Our inexpensive 7-piece kit comes in a handy portable PU Leather carry case.  The loops on our tools are gently angled so that the blackhead easily rolls out while the flat loop works to press out the blackhead.  They also have a non-slip handle to provide more control and precision.
SIMPLE TO USE – Designed for comfort on skin and easy handling.  Safely extracts whiteheads and blackheads without scarring your complexion. 
QUALITY - the LUPO® Blackhead remover tools are made out of strong, premium grade stainless steel.  Rust free, corrosion and stain resistant.  Making them a hygienic tool to clean and use again and again.
6 MONTHS WARRANTY - LUPO® products offer a 6 month warranty, giving you peace of mind on your purchase.
The LUPO® Blackhead Pimple Acne Remover Tool is an inexpensive beauty tool which you won’t be able to live without!
Simply cleanse your face with hot water, or hold a face cloth to the area for a few minutes to open up the pores.  The easiest solution is to do this after a hot shower.
Place the loop over the black head you want to extract and gently apply pressure and slide the tool across the top of the blackhead.  This will force the blockage out.  Cleanse your skin again and wash the tools with hot soapy water or alcohol to sterilise.  Allow the tools to air dry.
An effective simple tool, which will improve your skins appearance.
- 7 LUPO® Blackhead double ended looped tools.
- Convenient PU Leather storage case.
- Eradicates Blackheads and pimples thus improving the appearance of your skin.
- Quality Design and Finish.
- LUPO® 6 Month warranty.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review