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Product Overview

LUPO® Digital Fork Stainless Steel Thermometer Food Temperature Probe with LCD Measure - Perfect for Cooking Food Meat Turkey Chicken Poultry BBQ Wine Jam Steak
CLEAR AND INSTANT READING – The blue back light let’s you read the thermometer in poor light. It also has a large LCD instant read display providing you accurate temperature results in seconds. 
EASY TO USE – LUPO® Digital Fork Stainless Steel Thermometer meat food probe has an innovative splash proof design, and long stainless steel fork.  The easy grip handle makes it very easy to turn and reposition meat in the kitchen or on the BBQ.  It even comes with a built in storage hook to make storing easier.
VERSATILE FOR MANY TYPES OF MEAT - Beef, Veal Lamb, Pork, Chicken and Turkey. Simply choose what you are cooking and the BBQ Fork will tell you what temperature your meat needs to be for your desired taste level.
MEAT TASTE SETTINGS – The LCD display offers 4 meat taste settings.  A choice of Well Done, Medium, Medium Rare and Rare.
6 MONTHS WARRANTY – LUPO® Digital Fork Stainless Steel Thermometer food probe comes with batteries, full usage instructions and a 6-month warranty.  Giving you full confidence in your purchase.
The LUPO® Digital Fork Stainless Steel Thermometer Food Probe, has the following features: 
The Digital LCD Food Probe Thermometer enables you to cook with confidence by accurately reading the temperature of your cooked food.  Perfect to use for BBQ, food preparation, food processing, refrigeration, laboratory, catering and many more uses. 
Insert the food fork probe thermometer stainless steel sensor into your cooked meat, which then produces a clear reading on the LCD display screen.  Simply press the MEAT button to select the type of meat you are cooking and then the TASTE button for your desired taste and you are ready to measure the temperature.
More Detail at a glance:
- The manual comes complete with a table of recommended       temperatures for the meat you are cooking, which you can use as a reference.
- Digital Food thermometer with stainless steel sensor fork probe.
- Clear and Instant Reading.
- Measures in Fahrenheit or Celsius, 
*This product requires 2 AAA batteries which are included.
Perfect to use whilst cooking, barbecuing or reheating food. Suitable to use on meat, poultry, BBQ, Jam or Beer and Wine making.  
A simple gadget that is a cooking necessity, especially during the Christmas period.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review