Heavy Duty Wire 3 Sided 12" Inch T Shape Barbecue BBQ Cleaning Brush

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BW0504100 BBQ Brush
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Product Overview

Are you tired of burnt fingers and hands while scrubbing tough, burnt on barbecue food and residue?
Have you tried cheap grill brushes, only to find they easily bend and break with little use?
If so, Lupo's 12 Inch BBQ Gill Brush is the perfect solution, with a flex resistant 12 inch handle, stainless steel three-sided bristles and an ergonomic grip, making light work of the toughest grill cleaning tasks!
Safe for use on expensive, porcelain grill grates without scratching, our BBQ Cleaning Brush has been designed with an extra long, rigid 12 inch handle, allowing you to easily reach and clean the toughest, awkward angles without burning your hands on hot barbecue grates and surfaces, for super safe, thorough cleaning!
Unlike cheap grill brushes, our BBQ Wire Brush uses an innovative, three-sided, stainless steel BBQ T-Brush design which simultaneously cleans the top and sides of each grate, making light work of large barbecue grates, together with a super comfortable, ergonomic high grip handle and convenient storage loop for easy storage and access!
Our Grill Brush is the ideal choice for effortless barbecue cleaning, with a number of convenient features:
- Flex resistant, extra long 12 inch handle to easily clean awkward angles. 
- Innovative, spiralled bristles simultaneously clean the top and sides of grates. 
- Stainless steel bristles, completely safe for use with expensive grill grates. 
- High grip, ergonomic handle, perfect for tough scrubbing without slipping. 
- Convenient hanging, easily store alongside barbecues for easy access. 
BBQ GRILL BRUSH; forget cheap, plastic barbecue grill brushes with weak bristles and short handles that easily bend, our Barbecue Cleaning Brush uses a strong, flex resistant handle and stainless steel bristles to make light work of cleaning the toughest grill grates!
T-BRUSH HEAD; designed with an innovative, wide BBQ T-Brush head to simultaneously clean the top and sides of grill grates, for easier, quicker cleaning using tough, high performance stainless steel bristles that won't damage expensive grill grates, for the best BBQ brush on the market!
FLEX RESISTANT HANDLE; extra long 12 inch easy reach handle resists flexing and bending while scrubbing, to easily clean the toughest, hard to reach angles and hot grills while protecting hands and fingers from accidental burns!
CONVENIENT STORAGE LOOP; manufactured with a solid, easy-grip handle and a convenient hanging storage loop, perfect for storing alongside barbecue grills making lost, cheap barbecue wire brush cleaners a thing of the past!
MULTI PURPOSE BRUSH; multi purpose, tough stainless steel grill brush, perfect for thoroughly cleaning ovens and household grills! Click the Orange Button to order now!
If you're tired of constantly scraping, scrubbing and cleaning, and would like a premium, durable barbecue brush to make light work of the toughest burnt on barbecue residue, click "Add to Cart" now!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review