10 x Counterfeit Fake Bank Note Money Checker Pens

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The quick & easy way to spot fake banknotes.
A simple fast way to check counterfeit notes.
Detects whether bank notes and most currencies are printed on bank note paper. Suitable for Pounds, Euros & Dollars. Leaves a violet mark on forgeries and remains clear on genuine bank notes.
After application a genuine note will remain clear, however a Counterfeit Note will turn Black/Brown. 
Pen has instructions for use printed on the packaging to ensure effective identification.
The unique ink in the Counterfeit Detector Pen identifies fake notes quickly & easily.
Mark paper currency - light or clear mark, currency is genuine.
Dark mark appears, currency is suspect or nongenuine.
Shelf life of 12 months.
10 x LUPO Bank note detecter Pens