LUPO Anti-Static Wrist Strap Grounding Wrist Strap/Band - Prevents Build up of Static Electricity

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Static-Free Wrist Strap Lightweight, flexible and comfortable to wear, this adjustable 1" wide polyethylene wrist strap has removable 6' ground cord with built-in one megaohm resister. Includes banana clip with removable alligator clip to allow secure and easy attachment to any grounding object.
1 Place the wristband of the anti-static wrist strap around your bare wrist.
2 Secure the wristband so that the metal plate on the inside of the band is firmly pressed against the underside of your arm. The metal plate should have as much contact with your skin as possible, so place it in the spot where you have the least amount of hair.
3 Connect the strap to the wristband. The strap and wristband usually connect via a simple snap mechanism.
4 Clip the alligator clip on the end of the strap onto an anti-static mat or any bare metal surface that is touching the ground (e.g., the computer case).
Anti-Static Discharge Wrist Band
Protects you from static
Prevents build-up of static electricity in dry environments
Protects your computer and equipment from static damage
1 x LUPO Anti Static Wrist Band


(No reviews yet) Write a Review