LUPO Universal Car Air Vent Mobile Phone Mount Holder

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Product Overview

The LUPO Universal Air Vent Phone Holder works with all smartphones. 360 Degree Rotation. Perfect for using your phone as a Sat Nav. 
The holder's padded arms grip your phone from the sides ensuring it won't slip out and won't scratch or damage your phone. Both the top and bottom of the phone are free so the charger and hands free can still be plugged in. The holder has a strong grip clip which attaches firmly to your car air vent ensuring that it won't fall and will keep your phone held in place. Compatible with iPhone, Blackberry, Samsung, HTC, Nokia and all phones as the arms can extend to hold phones of any size. 
Compatible with all phones: iPhone, HTC, Samsung, Blackberry, Nokia and all others less than 90mm wide.
Attach to car air vent with the strong claw grip
Rotate to view phone in any position
Perfect for when using phone as a map or sat-nav
Strong adjustable grip to prevent phone from slipping or falling out
1 x LUPO Universal Airframe Air Vent Mount


(No reviews yet) Write a Review