Midge Mosquito Insect Hat Bug Mesh Head Net Face Protector Travel Camping UK

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Midge Mosquito Insect Hat
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Product Overview

This anti-mosquito head net is used to protect your face skin while you are having fun in the nature. The length is enough to protect your head and neck skin.
Fit most head sizes. It should be used with hat together (hat is not included). Dark netting offers better visibility than light ones, while providing good air circulation.
Elastic string with toggle holds it in place and keep your skin safe from annoying mosquitoes, insects, tiny bugs, etc.
Effectiveness: Protect you from the mosquitoes, bugs, flies, gnats, other insects, a great gift for a traveler, hiker, hunter, fisherman.
Occassions:A must have for outdoor lovers. Can be used for hiking, fishing, hunting, camping, backpacking, gardening and other outdoor activities.
Mosquito Head Net, An essential piece of kit for traveling, backpacking, camping or fishing
Manufactured from fine mesh and designed to keep out all sorts of flying insects, like mosquitoes, flies, bees, gnats and more
With a comfortable fit over most headgear, for best comfort a wide all-round brim hat is recommended
Can be folded for easy storage
Best used with a wide brim hat
Material: Polyester
Colour: Dark Camo Green
Net Weight: Approx.21g
Approx Size: Approx.45 x 33cm
1 x Midge Mosquito Insect Hat


(No reviews yet) Write a Review